BioBazar will return to the former Norblin Factory

The iconic bazaar will return to the Norblin Factory and will occupy an area of 1,800 sq m in one of the revitalized factory buildings (former pipe and drawing plant), located in the western part of the complex, directly from ul. Lucka.

BioBazar in the new formula will be much more than just a place to buy excellent quality products from proven, certified suppliers. Will be focused on education, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and conscious nutrition as well as valuable entertainment.

The eco market plans a number of interesting and inspiring events, such as educational workshops for children and adults. The factory halls will provide a place for meetings, interesting discussion panels, lectures and film screenings, as well as events of a more entertaining nature, such as live cooking. We can already guarantee today that it will be a place teeming with exceptional energy and full of interesting activities!