750 ton nad ziemią

During the revitalization of the Norblin Factory, extremely rare and complicated construction operations take place. Last year, two buildings with a total weight of around 750 tonnes were suspended.

The larger facility – the former mechanical laboratory – is located in the second line of buildings, viewed from Prosta Street. This is a relic of the factory house of Luckfield and Henniger, dismembered during the war in 1944. After the war, it was not restored to its original form, it was divided into three segments.

He is entered in the Register of Monuments of the Mazowieckie Voivodship Conservator of Monuments. The second building dating back to the second half of the 19th century, located at the back of the laboratory, is a former hardening plant, also on the list of the Mazowiecki Monument Conservator. Both buildings were based on 64 micropiles with a diameter of approx. 35 cm and a length of 8 to 13 meters. Each of the micropiles was reinforced with a steel beam, and at the base of the walls a steel cap was made supporting the walls with a total weight of 24 tons. The operation required the involvement of several specialist companies and lasted a total of 11 months. Currently, the building is undergoing restoration and preparation for use.