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Everyone is welcome at the Norblin Factory. It will be a vibrant space filled with boutiques, shops, fashion, and culinary concept spots. Let’s not forget about the wellness area. The 26 thousand sqm area is really meant to address various needs, whether their business, social or personal ones.


The retail, service, and entertainment space will be located on levels -1 to +2. In order to preserve the historic post-industrial building and its urban layout, the ground floor will include public passages, alleys, and squares with modernized roofing resembling historic shopping arcades, such as the ones at Emmanuel Passage in Milan.



The iconic BioBazar is returning to Norblin Factory! Poland’s first certified organic food market will blossom in one of the revitalized factory buildings in the western part of the complex covering an area of almost 2 thousand sqm with direct entrance from Łucka street.