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I. The aim of the rules, general provisions

  1. The main purpose of introducing the Rules is:
    • to ensure the correct use of all technical equipment and infrastructure of the complex of office-commercial-retail buildings under the name Norblin Factory (hereinafter referred to as “Complex”) and the protection and prevention of destruction of the Complex.
    • to regulate the rules and procedures for users of the Complex,
    • to establish the rules for passenger and materials traffic and its control, maintain general security conditions for the Complex and people staying inside and protect property,
    • to define the rights and obligations of users of the Complex.
  2. The administration of the Complex and supervision over the execution of the provisions of these Rules is performed by the manager performing the duties on behalf of the owner of the Complex (hereinafter referred to as “Manager”). Thus, the Manager is a representative of ARTN Sp. z o.o. („Owner”) for contacts related to the areas used in the Complex.
  3. The Manager shall perform its functions in the Complex using, among others, the following services:
    • technical,
    • administration,
    • security,
    • information (main reception desk, information points),
    • housekeeping,
    • medical emergency.

II. The obligations of the complex manager

The obligations of the Complex Manager include:

  1. Assurance of smooth functioning of the technical equipment and systems in the Complex, excluding technical systems and equipment belonging only to the tenants of the Complex.
  2. Assurance of correct operation of the Complex.
  3. Assurance of operation of the Complex reception area.
  4. Assurance of physical protection services for the common areas of the Complex.
  5. Maintaining cleanliness and order in the internal communal areas and around the Complex.

III. Use and operation of the complex

  1. It is forbidden to conduct the activity contrary to the established good practice or threatening the public order in the Complex. It is also forbidden to organize manifestations, gatherings, public speaking and political or religious agitation,

IV. Safety

  1. It is forbidden to store any harmful, dangerous, flammable, explosive, corrosive etc. substances and materials in the Complex, both inside and outside the rooms. Such types of materials or substances can be stored or used in the Complex only with the prior written consent of the Owner. 
  2. It is forbidden to make any interventions or misuse the fire protection equipment.
  3. It is forbidden to cover or seal the components of fire alarm systems and sprinklers.
  4. Emergency exits and exit paths should be always correctly marked and without obstructions.
  5. It is forbidden to undertake actions which may initiate a false fire alarm signal in the Complex. In case, when the false alarm signal will be initiated as a result of the behaviour of the given person, all costs, including the cost of possible intervention of the Fire Service, shall be borne by such person.

V. Pedestrian traffic rules

  1. People visiting the companies operating in the Complex are obliged to comply with the instructions given by the Complex security personnel.
  2. If the person brings into the Complex the items raising concerns for the security employees, then the visiting person shall be obliged to leave these objects in the reception area against an acknowledgement.
  3. Visitors visiting the companies in the office area of the Complex, including those entering through the underground car parks, should check in the Complex reception area to comply with the formalities authorizing to enter (providing proof of identity with a photo, registration in guest-book, obtaining an ID or access card). An inviter inviting the given person to the office area of the Complex may perform initial notification about his/her guest in the building application and send him/her the QR code authorizing to enter the Complex without needing to register in the building reception area in the office area of the Complex.
  4. The building’s reception area of the office area of the Complex grants the authorizations and issues the ID or an access card only to the gates located on the ground floor in the elevator lobby. Tenants leasing the space in the Complex shall be responsible for letting the visitor into his/her space.
  5. If the visitor does not have proof of identity with a photo or does not want to show it, then the reception area of the building contacts the inviting space tenant by phone, to whom the visitor has arrived, and confirms his/her consent to enter the space of the inviting tenant.
  6. A visiting person, authorized to enter the office area of the Complex, shall go directly to the space of the inviting person.
  7. A tenant inviting the visitor shall be responsible for any damages caused by his/her visitor in the Complex. Visitors are forbidden to stay in the other office areas of the Complex without the knowledge and consent of the tenant inviting the given person.
  8. After the visit, the visitor is obliged to report the exit to the receptionist and to return the ID or card. A tenant, inviting the given person, shall be charged with the costs of cards or IDs, which have not been returned to the reception of the building by the persons visiting the given tenant.
  9. The reception area, security, Manager or other authorized person, has a right to refuse, in justified cases, the admission of the visitor to the Complex, in particular when there is a suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, the person is aggressive, is acting in an obscene manner or in any other situation raising the justified doubts.
  10. A person visiting the tenant may stay in the office area of the Complex only during the working hours of the inviting tenant’s office and in the presence of the inviting tenant.
  11. Outside working hours and on non-working days, the inviting tenant is obliged to pick up the visitor personally from the reception area and personally escort him/her to the reception area after the visit.
  12. The following rules shall apply to the animals staying in the Complex:
    • animals should be kept on a leash not longer than 1.5 metres, in the carrier box or on the hands; this restriction does not apply to registered assistance dogs;
    • entry of animals to the individual units in the Complex (particularly to the units offering the food) can be restricted;
    • animals should be always under the care of the owner; it implies a ban on leaving the animals in the Complex, in the cars and tying them to such pieces of Complex equipment as benches, lighting columns etc. (not applicable to the places dedicated for such purposes);
    • animal owners shall be responsible for the behaviour of their animals and cleaning up after them;
    • the owners shall always have control over their animals and immediately remove dangerous, aggressive or barking animals;
    • animals should have valid vaccinations;
    • dog breeds deemed dangerous (in compliance with the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 28 April 2003 on the list of dog breeds deemed dangerous) should wear a muzzle;
    • if, at any time, the Complex Manager, finds that behaviour of the animal disturbs other visitors of the Complex, then the owner will be asked to remove the dog from the Complex;
    • The Complex manager reserves the right to temporarily limit the stay of animals in the Complex.
  13. There is a total ban on entering for the hawkers and sales agents to the Complex. Operation of external caterers in the Complex requires obtaining consent from the Complex Manager.
  14. Tours for the organized groups guided by the guides without accreditation from the Norblin Factory Museum are forbidden.

VI. Complex security, operation of reception area, cleaning service

  1. The Complex security is ensured 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Security employees are supervised by the shift commander. Basic tasks of security include among others:
    • performing the access control procedure into the Complex (human and/or vehicle traffic).
    • inspection of cameras installed in and around the Complex and car parks.
    • patrolling the Common Areas of the Complex.
    • monitoring the operation of general-purpose equipment in the Complex.
  2. Property and physical protection services in the Complex are executed by the dedicated companies employed by the Owner.
  3. Each person staying in the Complex is obliged to observe the commands given by the security employees.
  4. Security employee has a right to remove from the Complex each person disturbing the order or obstructing the work of the other people.
  5. Security employee has a right to refuse entry to unauthorized people to the individual buildings in the Complex or to some areas of the Complex.
  6. Security employees do not execute any orders given by the tenant’s employees if they are not related to the protection of life, health or property.
  7. Reception areas of the buildings in the office area of the Complex work not longer than from 8:00 to 18:00. A decision on the detailed working hours of the individual reception areas is made by the Complex Manager.
  8. The reception area of the building in the office area of the Complex does not accept any correspondence or shipments for storage.
  9. Housekeeping in the common areas of the Complex is performed by the dedicated company hired by the Owner.

VII. Procedures for transport to and from the complex and for deliveries

  1. The Complex users cannot block the exit paths.
  2. Due to the limited capacity of the delivery area, all transport operations should be reported through a dedicated system in the “Delivery area reservation” module at:
  3. Loading/unloading can be performed during the indicated hours and using the indicated unloading ramps/docks.
  4. Vehicles used for transport or delivery trucks may park on the access road only in the location and during the time indicated in the application. A parking charge will be charged after exceeding the reserved time in accordance with the price list.
  5. Transport of goods from the garage level to the commercial units shall be performed only using a goods lift, without using the scenic passenger lifts, escalators and passenger lifts.
  6. A tenant, to which the delivery is made, is obliged to use such a number of personnel during the delivery and transport of goods that ensures efficient and safe handling. Both the handling locations and transport roads should be properly prepared for this purpose and immediately cleaned after completion of the mentioned operations.
  7. Delivery and transport of goods shall be made only in the locations and hours specified by the Manager. The Manager may, upon a reasoned request from the tenant, to which the delivery is made, specify the other location, handling and transport time considering the type of business activity of such a tenant and the interests of the other users of the Complex.
  8. All non-conventional transport works shall be made only between 22:00 and 7:00. The Manager may implement further restrictions pursuant to the local law. The person responsible for the transport on behalf of the given tenant is obliged to deliver to the Complex Manager, before starting the works, a list of surnames of people who will perform the transport service in the Complex and properly mark such persons.
  9. Standard deliveries may be performed during the working hours of the space tenants in the Building. The Manager may implement further restrictions pursuant to the local law.
  10. A tenant, to which the delivery is made, shall bear all the risks related to damage to the tenant’s property during the moves, deliveries or transport, and any losses, damages, claims, suits, costs and expenses related to the bodily injuries or property damages incurred by the Owner or third party. At the same time, the tenant is obliged to ensure that all transport roads are properly protected (including lifts and floorings) and to agree on means of transport with the Complex Manager to avoid any damages. In the case of any damages resulting from the transport, the person responsible on behalf of the tenant is obliged to immediately notify the Manager about it.

VIII. Property security

  1. Tenants shall be responsible for the protection of the tenant’s property in the leased spaces.
  2. All stated cases of theft shall be immediately reported to the Manager or security of the Complex.
  3. The Complex Manager shall not be responsible for any items left unattended in common areas.

IX. Common areas

  1. It is forbidden to use, without prior written consent of the Owner, even temporarily, the areas of the Complex intended for common use (“Common areas”) for the purposes of your own activities. In particular, it applies to: the organisation of photo sessions, conduction of sales, display of goods, distribution of advertising leaflets or brochures, placing the advertising boards, performance of any promotional activities and similar activities.
  2. The Common Areas include among others:
    • external areas, being part of the Complex, such as: car parks, access roads and other roads, operated by the Owner and tenants in the Complex, landscaped areas, pathways, squares, patios etc.,
    • internal areas: garage hall, hallways, corridors, bathrooms, staircases, lifts, escalators, and waste storage rooms, if they are not part of the rooms leased by the tenants.
  3. The areas, to which the Owner, Manager or his/her services have exclusive access, are considered as inaccessible Common Areas, including among others:
    • Equipment rooms,
    • Office rooms used by the Manager and the individual services,
    • Security rooms,
    • Break rooms for the personnel servicing the Complex,
    • All types of systems,
    • lease areas.
  4. The owner has a right to remove all objects left in the Common Areas and put them into a deposit at the expense and risk of the person who left them.
  5. Everybody is responsible for keeping the cleanness in the Common Areas.
  6. It is forbidden to block pavements and external roads, hallways, passages, and inside stairs and use them for other purposes than access to commercial units or other parts of the Complex.

X.Car park rules and regulations

  1. Parkingi na terenie Kompleksu przeznaczone są do użytku najemców, klientów i gości Kompleksu. Szczegółowe regulacje związane z korzystaniem z parkingu podziemnego zawarte są w Regulaminie Parkingu, stanowiącym załącznik nr 1 do niniejszego Regulaminu.

XI. Final provisions

  1. The contents of these Complex Rules may change. The owner may change or supplement the rules for the Complex at any time. The provisions of such changed or supplemented rules shall enter into force at the time of announcement.