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“Dary Natury” herbal room

Herbal Room “Dary Natury” is a place where, surrounded by wood and aromatic herbal bouquets, you can spend a relaxing time, drink a herbal tea or eat delicious, vegetarian lunch. There is also a shop selling herbs, teas, spices and other organic products.

Pijalnia Ziół "Dary Natury"

photo: Dary Natury

Take a breath with the herbal aroma
in the heart of Warsaw!

Pijalnia Ziół Dary Natury is a place where, surrounded by wood and aromatic herbal bouquets, you can eat a delicious vegetarian lunch, spend relaxing time with friends or take a breath after a hard day. Pijalnia Ziół Dary Natury, with its unique atmosphere, refers to the headquarters of the Dary Natury company, which is located in a picturesque village in Podlasie, in the vicinity of one of the most interesting herb gardens in the country.

Our menu

The menu of Pijalnia Dary Natury is dominated primarily by herbal drinks. The seasonally changing offer gives you the opportunity to taste infusions from organic herbs, herbal blends, plant coffees or natural lemonades with floral, fruit and herbal flavors.

The menu of both Pijalnia Ziół Dary Natury includes only vegan and vegetarian options, such as soups, pancakes, dumplings, hot and cold vegetable pates and sandwiches from the oven. Dishes that have enjoyed the greatest recognition for years are pierogi, hand-made in Podlasie, and traditional nettle soup with cream, also from Podlasie.

The range of sweets will satisfy the expectations of both, lovers of traditional pastries and people looking for something more original, lighter or less sweet.

Pijalnia Ziół "Dary Natury"

fot: Dary Natury

Pijalnia Ziół "Dary Natury" - Logotyp


Opening hours

12:00 – 22:00
12:00 – 22:00
12:00 – 24:00
12:00 – 24:00
12:00 – 24:00
12:00 – 24:00
12:00 – 22:00


Norblin Factory
Building” “Plater”
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