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Jazz & More MOXO Warsaw Festival

Step into a realm of sound and emotion at the Jazz & More MOXO Warsaw Festival – the musical highlight of this autumn. This festival brings together the finest Polish artists, filling the industrial spaces of Fabryka Norblina with the captivating sounds of jazz.

At the heart of this extraordinary event beats MOXO – a revitalized former foundry transformed into a restaurant and music club.

Jazz has been an integral part of Fabryka Norblina’s history from its very inception, with weekly jam sessions becoming a cherished tradition among Warsaw’s audiences. Moreover, the MOXO stage hosts a new generation of artists every week, showcasing fresh sounds and unique interpretations.

During the Jazz & More MOXO Warsaw Festival, spanning eleven unforgettable Sunday evenings, you will be immersed in the finest sounds, guided by the performances of the best Polish jazz artists.

The festival’s motto, “Unity in Diversity,” is not merely a statement of values but a testament to an artistic experience. Multicultural echoes of Warsaw, internationally acclaimed stars, ensembles ranging from intimate duets to energetic septets – all combine to create an unparalleled blend that crafts a musical atmosphere rich in contrasts.

The festival will be hosted by Tomasz Tłuczkiewicz – the longstanding director of the iconic Jazz Jamboree and Jazz nad Odrą festivals, former president of the Polish Jazz Association, renowned radio journalist, manager, music producer, jazz promoter, and master of ceremonies. As he puts it: “I warmly invite jazz enthusiasts, as well as all those who appreciate top-notch artistic entertainment in elegant surroundings. Let’s together groove up another jazz spot in Warsaw.”

The Prologue, the inaugural concert, will take place on September 19, as the illustrious Dorota Miśkiewicz & Tininho Horta  kicks off our festival in grand style.

Dorota Miśkiewicz, one of the foremost voices in Polish jazz, composer, and lyricist, has released eight original albums, many of which have been nominated for the prestigious Fryderyk Award, the pinnacle of the Polish phonographic industry.

In recent years, she has repeatedly been awarded the Vocalist of the Year title in the annual “Jazz Forum” magazine ranking. A trained violinist and the daughter of the legendary saxophonist Henryk Miśkiewicz, Dorota has engaged in countless collaborations with fellow artists.

She is one of the few to have sung and recorded a duet with Cesaria Evora, and their joint song “Um Pincelada” was met with resounding acclaim from music enthusiasts worldwide. Additionally, she has worked alongside Nigel Kennedy, David Murray, Louis Winsberg, Kepa Junkera, Tomasz Stańko, Grzegorz Turnau, and an array of Polish music scene luminaries.

Rooted in jazz, she eagerly navigates the waters of experimentation, whether exotic or closer to home.

From October 1 to December 10, every Sunday marks a new chapter of the festival. Prepare for evenings brimming with emotion, improvisation, and mesmerizing sounds.

The festival stage will host:

  • 19.09 – Dorota Miśkiewicz & Tininho Horta –  Inaugural concert
  • 01.10 – Jazz Forum Machine
  • 08.10 – Adam Bałdych Quartet
  • 15.10 – Pianohooligan – 24 Preludes and Improvisations
  • 22.10 – Urszula Dudziak – 80 years arround the world – benefis
  • 29.10 – Paweł Tomaszewski Quartet – Chopin Into The Future
  • 05.11 – Aga Zaryan – The best of
  • 12.11 – Henryk Miśkiewicz – Full Drive
  • 19.11 – Piotr Wojtasik Quintet
  • 26.11 – Marcin Wasilewski Trio – „En attendant” Live
  • 03.12 – Marek Napiórkowski – HIPOKAMP
  • 10.12 – Michał Barański – Masovian Mantra

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