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Apple Museum Poland opens in Norblin Factory

Starting this Saturday, 28 May, the Apple Museum Poland at the Norblin Factory is open to technology fans. The world’s largest collection of Apple products comprises 1,600 exhibits. Located on the second floor of the Plater building, the museum spans an area of 320 sq.m.

Visitors will be guided around the museum by an audioguide recorded by Jarosław Łukomski, one of the most recognisable Polish voices. Visitors will learn about the history of the American technology giant thanks to a specially created audio track based on a timeline of the company’s development.

Two guides will be available on a permanent basis to assist visitors at the museum if necessary. Apple Museum Poland blends history with the present time. It is the only location in Poland to view hundreds of Apple-related graphics, advertising films, and approximately 100 hours of video content displayed on state-of-the-art large-format displays. Presented in various rotated configurations, the exhibits will be accompanied by cultural events, workshops, and evenings for adults.

The exhibits and the interactive narrative built around them will encourage visitors to be active. Information provided by means of audiovisual communication techniques, graphic codes, modern design and, above all, interactions encourage visitors to immerse themselves in the presented scenes and time-spaces built around the Apple collections. The scenography, lights, animations, sounds and infographics allow visitors to interact with the artefacts in a unique environment filled with social and cultural contexts combined with comprehensible technical information. The pride of the exhibition is a working faithful replica of the first Apple-1 computer, which was made by museum owner Jacek Łupina with the help of sponsors and a group of volunteers. It features the authentic signature of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on the motherboard and the manual.

The exhibits include models known for the interesting role they have played in the history of technological race and progress. Visitors to the museum can also discover devices which are infamous as failures, as well as prototypes which never made it into mass production. The vast majority of them are operational or being restored so visitors can touch, test, and experience them under the guidance of the curator.

Apple Museum Poland opens to visitors on the last Saturday of May (28.05). The first tours start at 10:00 a.m.

Ticket prices:

Normal Ticket: 45 PLN/55 PLN*; Concession Ticket 30 PLN/40 PLN*;

Family Ticket (2+2/2+3) 120 PLN/140 PLN*.

*prices valid at weekends.

Reduced tickets are available for children, students under 26 years of age, and pensioners. Children under 3 years enter the museum for free. Tickets can be purchased on site or via the website:

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