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ISS HQ in Norblin Factory first in the world to receive a platinum accessibility score

The ISS Hub, a new global headquarter hub for the facility service provider ISS in Norblin Factory (Warsaw), has just been evaluated by accessibility assessment organisation Mobility Mojo. The premises received top marks for accessibility and usability, making it the first to ever reach Platinum status.  

Wide passageways and doors, simple signage for easy orientation, spacious lifts, lowered reception desk, visual impairment friendly colour schemes, ramps to all terraces and even specially designed furniture handles are just a few examples of how ISS has adapted their new Warsaw headquarters to the highest accessibility and usability standards.

This will allow for a more diversified group of employees and guests to feel welcome and included at the office.  

Global accessibility organisation Mobility Mojo has assessed ISS Warsaw, evaluating all the areas and office facilities of the building, including building entrance, reception, hallways, lighting, breakout spaces, stairs/lifts, working stations, meeting rooms and cafeteria.

With a previously unheard of 9.6/10 score, the ISS Warsaw Hub has received the top rating of Platinum, becoming the first in the world to reach this level.

Every person makes a unique contribution

Margot Slattery, Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager of ISS, says:

“I’m truly excited by this Platinum score, which is a testament to ISS’s efforts in creating inclusive workplaces, where everybody can be their authentic self and feel like they belong. Diversity and Inclusion must never just be words in company policies. An inclusive mindset and culture should be reflected and reinforced by the way we talk, look and act, as well as through the physical surroundings of the workplace. This goes not just for ISS, but also for our 40,000 customers around the world. Going forward, this accessibility assessment approach will be part of our workplace services in order to support our customer’s D&I agendas even further.”   

The ISS Hub is located in Fabryka Norblina (the Norblin Factory), a multifunctional complex in Warsaw’s Wola district, which belongs to the Capital Park Group. The common areas of the Fabryka Norblina building also contributed to the platinum score, as it was designed with the highest standards in terms of diversity and inclusion.

Kinga Nowakowska, COO and member of the management board at Capital Park Group, says:

“When looking at the aspects related to the availability of the Norblin Factory for people with different needs and requirements, we are cooperating with the non-profit organisation ‘The Integration Foundation’. At the stage of our investment implementation, we introduced a number of various amenities that make it easier for people with disabilities to move around at our complex, in line with the foundation’s recommendations. This included clear directional information at the main entrances, adequate lightning, dedicated parking spaces located in close proximity or directly at the entrances of elevator lifts, automatic garage entrance doors, wide lifts with lowered panel and voice notifications, bells-intercoms at office receptions and lowered spaces to cater for people who use wheelchairs as well as toilets equipped with handles, supports and alarms, to mention just a few.”

ISS is also in the process of assessing its global headquarters in Copenhagen, with more offices to follow moving forward.