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MOXO at the Norblin Factory: The Perfect Duo

A new unique concept, a combination of restaurant and music club, is coming to the Norblin Factory later this year. The venue will open in one of the historic buildings of the former Norblin, Buch Brothers and T. Werner factories, the 19th century Foundry Hall. Created by Tomik Grewiński and Bertrand Jasiński of Amvox International, MOXO will occupy 1,200 sq.m. of space at the Norblin Factory. The interior design is by the studio PRC Design. MOXO will open its doors to guests in Q4 2022. A competition for the restaurant’s chef is currently underway.

The Moxo concept has been conceived as a venue full of life around the clock. During the day, guests can eat at the restaurant serving international cuisine, including many vegetarian and vegan dishes. In the evening, the interior of the Foundry Hall will be filled with live music performed by world-famous Polish and foreign DJs. MOXO is an original project by Tomik Grewiński, one of the most renowned and influential personalities in the Polish music and entertainment industry, and Bertrand Jasiński, who has been successful in creating brands including Centrum Podróży, GO!Internet, Sale Zabaw Fikołki, Kuźnia Kulturalna, The Beer Store, Cook Story, Scena Kulturalna, Museum Store, and Cucina Wilanów. Arkadiusz Motyliński, Operations Director at Amvox International who has gained experience in international hotel chains including Hyatt and IHG as well as in the Polish Business Roundtable Club and the Amber Room restaurant, is responsible for coordinating the preparation work and launching the restaurant.

MOXO’s offer is addressed to all fans of good food and music. We want it to be a meeting place with great food, music, and good energy, in the vein of the best traditions of clubs in London, Paris, and Berlin. At MOXO, you can have an elegant dinner and then dance to the greatest hits selected for our guests by the most popular Polish and foreign DJs. We have been looking for the perfect place for our concept, where we could create a unique atmosphere. And we have found one. MOXO will open in the very heart of Warsaw, inside the breathtakingly beautiful 19th century Foundry Hall of the Norblin Factory,” say the Amvox International investors.

MOXO’s space arrangement and interior design is the work of the team of PRC Architekci and PRC Design, the studio responsible for the design of the entire Norblin Factory complex. The architects have designed the restaurant to showcase both the uniqueness of the concept and of the location. The post-factory character of the Foundry Hall will be offset by soft velour sofas and greenery in the interior. An important feature of MOXO will be the light whose arrangement and colours emphasise the charm of the historic walls and the preserved post-industrial fittings in the building.

Apart from the excellent culinary offer, music will be MOXO’s trademark. The space will be equipped with a music stage, a dance floor, as well as a professional sound system. The atmosphere of the space will be enhanced by a mezzanine area, from which guests will have a perfect view of the artists performing on stage.

In the eastern section of the historic Foundry Hall, we have designed a mezzanine which can be reached by an impressive steel fan staircase. An open kitchen will be situated under the mezzanine so guests can watch the culinary art live through a dedicated window. Display cabinets will present the restaurant’s collection of available wines. What will undoubtedly catch the eye of guests at MOXO will be one of the largest bars in Warsaw, seven metres high,” says Igor Galas of PRC Architekci. “A sophisticated restaurant requires sophisticated interiors of its restrooms. With this in mind, we have designed enlarged toilets and a make-up room at MOXO. This part of the restaurant is all in powder room colours and textures,” adds Igor.

An unusual concept in an unusual place is a combination bound to make a success, which is exactly how we see MOXO at the Norblin Factory. The historic Foundry Hall, which now has a new operator, is one of the most beautiful spaces in our complex, equipped with historic furnaces which testify to of the industrial history of the place. That is why it was so important that the new tenant should understand the atmosphere of this venue and develop the historic space of the former Foundry in an absolutely unique way. I am convinced that MOXO at the Norblin Factory will become a landmark on the culinary and entertainment map of the city. The area of our complex dedicated to eating out is currently the largest in Poland at 10,000 square metres. As many as 37 culinary concepts will be available at the Norblin Factory by the end of 2022,” says Kinga Nowakowska, Member of the Management Board of Capital Park Group and Chief Operating Officer of the Norblin Factory.

The Foundry Hall was built in 1882 by decision of the then owners of the factory site, Teodor Werner and Ludwik Norblin. The building was rebuilt several times over the following decades. The Foundry was where preparatory work for further production was carried out: metals were melted using special furnaces and then formed into 150 kg ingots. The facility was officially entered in the register of historical monuments in 1984. The Capital Park Group has restored the building to its pre-1939 architectural shape as part of the revitalisation of the site. The original equipment in the Foundry has been restored, including a three-station cauldron furnace (fuelled by coke) with a supporting wall-mounted crane as well as electrically-powered induction casting furnaces.

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