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Smart Kids Planet opens in Norblin Factory

Smart Kids Planet is back on the map of educational attractions for children as of Saturday, 15 October. Poland’s first Smart Fun Centre has opened in a new location, in the Norblin Factory owned by the Capital Park Group. It spans 1,600 m2 of space divided into nine zones filled with 50 attractions and novelties created in cooperation with partners: Allegro, Biedronka, and Komputronik.

Smart Kids Planet is back after a two-year absence in Warsaw. The Smart Fun Centre was created for children aged 0-10. It has found its new home in the Norblin Factory in the Plater building on level -1. This unique project has been entirely designed and produced in Poland based on the global trend of edutainment, i.e., education through entertainment.

Smart Kids Planet was created by Adam Kowalczyk and Karol Gaweł. They both have children and have been looking for years for interesting and clever entertainment for them. To no avail. “This is why we felt an urge to create a place for our children and for ourselves as parents. We knew what our children needed and we wanted them to be able to enjoy themselves as much as possible. We realise that there are many parents here who, like us, need something more for their children than just making them tired. We want to invest in their future, get them excited about learning and influence their development, including through free play. This is why Smart Kids Planet was created,” says the originator and co-owner of Smart Kids Planet Adam Kowalczyk.

In its previous location, Smart Kids Planet received more than 120,000 visitors in just seven months. This confirms how important it is for parents, carers and teachers that children spend their time in a valuable way. That is why the creators of the venue are expanding the concept, focusing on innovation and the development of future-oriented competences in children. The concept makes use of modern technology and leading trends in teaching.

Our dreams are coming true: we have created a unique centre on a par with venues in operation all over the world. What is extremely important is that we have attracted Partners: top companies on the Polish market thanks to whom the novelties are truly phenomenal and children and their parents will see and try attractions created in accordance with the current trends,” adds Karol Gaweł, President of Smart Kids Planet.

Smart Kids Planet offers three new and upgraded attractions created with Partners: the Our Pack Zone partnered with the Allegro All for Planet FoundationImagine with Komputronik, and the Smart Shopping Zone with Biedronka. The new spaces were created to develop kids’ future competences, teach cooperation, introduce the latest technologies and foster good ecological practice.

The Smart Fun Centre is the venue of an afternoon activities programme including entrepreneurship, yoga, robotics and mindfulness. Workshops for children start on 2 November. There are lots of opportunities for parents to relax or work quietly on site. Everyone can use the café with its offer of not only staples such as coffee or tea but also healthy smoothies and juices. Parents with children can eat a specially prepared menu of children’s favourites. The centre is open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“The Norblin Factory’s offer has another unique attraction, this one for children. When creating our complex, we wanted it to be a place with a special, unparalleled offer for our guests, including the youngest visitors. Smart Kids Planet is best proof of that. On the occasion of the opening of the Smart Entertainment Centre, we run an extensive programme of attractions for young visitors. We offer the Norblin Factory Museum which has a special route for families with children; KinoGram, where the youngest visitors to the Factory can watch newly released films; and the Art Box Experience gallery with an interesting educational offer accompanying its new exhibition: Save the Planet,” said Kinga Nowakowska, Board Member and Chief Operating Officer at Capital Park Group.

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