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The Moon of Beirut Will Soon Shine at Norblin Factory

The food offer of Norblin Factory will expand with new and unique flavours this spring on April 22nd. Amar Beirut restaurant will be a combination of Lebanese culinary art, Middle Eastern culture and music in a modern version. It will occupy a total of 700 sq.m. in one of the reconstructed buildings of the post-factory complex, where guests can admire the Norblin Factory Museum’s largest exhibit up close: a hydraulic compensator accumulator for a 520-tonne press.

Amar Beirut (meaning: “the Moon of Beirut”) at Norblin Factory will be more than just a restaurant. A truly Middle Eastern experience awaits, starting with a one-of-a-kind culinary journey, through the traditional sounds of live music, to night entertainment with a modern twist. The creators of the concept are Anas Adi from Syria, Pierre Abi Nader and Wissam El Haber from Lebanon. All of them have gained their culinary experience all over the world. After more than 30 years of that educating journey, they have finally come to stay at the heart of Warsaw in one of the most unique urban development projects of recent years.

We have decided to open our venue at Norblin Factory because there is no other place that could better match our brand image. It’s post-industrial architecture with a long history is writing its next chapter. We, too, want to serve history in a modern way, and we are delighted to do so in the largest food area in Poland,” said Wissam El Haber, one of the owners.

The venue will span three floors in Norblin Factory building, where a huge hydraulic accumulator stands as it did 100 years ago, a real treat for fans of old machines. It is one of the most valuable exhibits of the Norblin Factory Museum, all the more exceptional because there are only four left in the world. One of them used to lift London’s Tower Bridge and is still there as a museum exhibit. The building which will house the Amar Beirut restaurant, as agreed with the Mazovian Regional Conservator of Monuments, has been recreated by Capital Park in the process of revitalising the post-factory location exactly where the 520T press hall, drawing room I, and tool room stood in the 1920s. The original building had been trimmed twice as Prosta Street was being straightened, and it lost almost half of its structure and had to be demolished due to its poor technical condition. The new building, which stands in its place, is true to the original in form and size.

We are delighted that our food and entertainment offer at Norblin Factory continues to grow, and each new place that opens here is unique. Now it is time for the rich culture of the Middle East with its flavours, music, art and Lebanese hospitality,” said Kinga Nowakowska, Management Board Member and Chief Operating Officer at Capital Park Group, owner of Norblin Factory.

The interior design has been created to accentuate the historic space of the post-factory location. Noble and elegant materials, such as copper and metal, combined with a touch of colour and artistic accents, create a Middle Eastern atmosphere. The three levels total more than 700 sq.m. In addition to the lobby and an open kitchen, the ground floor has a stage for performing artists, who can also be watched from the mezzanine floor. The terrace offers comfortable sofas for guests to relax and admire the panorama of Warsaw and the history of the site presented by the Time Telescopes, one of the features of the Norblin Factory Museum’s sightseeing route. Each level houses bars where real enthusiasts of cocktails and the art of bartending create drinks typical of the Pearl of the Middle East. The venue can accommodate between 300 and 400 guests, and a team of 40 takes care of their comfort and top level service.

One of the Amar Beirut’s owners, Pierre Abi Nader, is responsible for the restaurant’s menu. The Lebanese chef honed his culinary craft while building up his experience in restaurant management. After all those years of research and experience, he opened a restaurant in Lebanon 13 years ago, which serves Mediterranean fusion cuisine. Clients in Warsaw can expect to similar flavours. The designer menu includes Lebanese salads, starters, seafood, as well as meat dishes and baked dishes from the coal oven. There will be no shortage of the truest Lebanese falafel and traditional tabbouleh with hummus.

The Amar Beirut is yet another venue at Norblin Factory to feature live music every day. DJs and musicians will take the stage to create a unique night-time atmosphere throughout the week. As the owners are keen to introduce guests to their heritage, there will also be a Culture Wall presenting works by Lebanese artists. The Amar Beirut at Norblin Factory is authentically Lebanese and charmingly Polish at the same time.

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